What to pack

When you spend the day (or several days) at Disneyland Paris there are some items that you should bring with you. Here is a list of the must bring items:


  • First of all you should assess your needs. If you need to bring quite a lot of stuff, you might want to choose a backpack. It is easy to carry, it has a lot of space and it shouldn’t get you too tired since the weight is well distributed. However, if you’re not planing on bringing a lot of stuff, a fannypack or a shoulderpack might suffice.


    • Bottled water – You can weither bring it from home or you can buy it there. Near the resort (accessible by car or train) there is a shopping called  La Vallee Outlet Shopping Village that has an Auchan supermarket. There you can buy water at an inexpensive price and store it in your hotel room to bring to the parks. However, if you don’t want to go that far, a better option is to buy your bottled water at the train station between the parks and the Disney Village. There you can buy bottled water much cheaper than inside the parks.


    • Camera(s)


    • Cellphone


    • Your tickets or e-tickets if you bought them online


    • Gum – it can keep the cravings for sweets away


    • Snacks – you can bring your own or take an extra croissant from breakfast. It can save you some euros.


    • Hats (if it is expected sunny weather)


    • Sunscreen (it it is expected sunny weather)


    • Sunglasses (if it is expected sunny weather)


    • Sweatshirt or a hoodie – at night it can get colder


  • Lip balm

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